Frequently asked questions

Booking a transfer with Taxi Airport Pick-up

How do I book a transfer?

Booking a transfer with Taxi Airport Pick-up is very easy, fast and safe. Just enter the departure and destination location, then select the vehicle of your preference. Finally, just fill-out the booking form, entering all the requested details. Once your booking request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email containing meeting instructions, payment terms and additional contact information. It's all! Now just enjoy your trip in full peace of mind!

What information do you need in order to confirm a reservation?

We need to know the departure location with the pertaining information (for airport pick-up we need flight arrival details to properly monitor it, for port pick-up we need the ship or ferry name, for railway stations we need train number and arrival time, for hotel or private property pick-up we need the full address). In order to confirm the booking, we also need other basic details like date and time, number of passengers, quantity of luggage and destination address.

I cannot find a route I want to book. What to do?

On Taxi Airport Pick-up you can find the price for thousands and thousands of routes, from the most popular, to the least travelled. If the route you are looking for is not on our web site, please contact us filling out a tailor-made request.

Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

All our transfers are private, not shared with any unknown passengers and therefore can be fully customized to suit your demands. If you need multiple stops, either enter them in the "comments and instructions" box of the reservation module (we will answer accordingly in case the fare needs to be adjusted) or send a tailor-made request.

Is it safe to book a transfer online?

Our server uses 128 bit encryption, ensuring that your data will be perfectly safe. The reservation is handled electronically, meaning that no mistakes or omissions are possible (we are a paperwork-free company, you need to know only your booking number and the contact details of the local manager).

May I change or cancel my reservation?

We have one of the most flexible change and cancellation policy that you can find in the web, often voiding any charge. Most reservation's details can be easily and quickly changed by yourself directly from LOGIN section, or you may contact us anytime. For urgent changes needed within 48 hours from the pick-up time specified on your booking application, please call promptly the phone number that we have supplied in the reservation confirmation e-mail.

Payment options and terms

How do I pay for my transfer? Can I pay in advance on behalf of the passenger?

Payments are fully flexible and can be handled either upfront by charging the credit card supplied in the reservation module, or by cash/credit card to driver on the day of the trip. If you have any preference about payments, please enter it in the "comments and instructions" box of the reservation module and we will answer accordingly after your request will be processed.

Is the price displayed fully inclusive?

The price shown on your reservation confirmation email is fully inclusive of vehicle, driver, fuel and toll charges.

Why I have to submit my credit card details if I want to pay by cash to driver?

Like for hotel rooms and for many other travel services, we need a valid credit card as a guarantee to hold your reservation also if the payment will be by cash.

Do I have to tip drivers?

In most countries tipping drivers is not customary, but certainly welcome if you are satisfied about the service provided and would like to tip your driver.

May I get a receipt or an invoice to document my expenses?

Should you need a payment receipt or invoice, please request it at the same time the payment is made. Issuing an invoice after the payment is made, especially if a receipt has been already issued, may be difficult in some country.

Before you travel

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Please do not carry luggage in excess of what specified in the reservation module, otherwise the supplied vehicle may be too small (in most countries it's not allowed to carry luggage over the seats). If the luggage requirements changes after the reservation has been confirmed, please request to modify your booking.

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

We will send this information together with final booking details. Generally, for airports your driver will wait at arrival hall holding a board with your name. For hotel or private property, your driver will wait at the address supplied on your reservation module.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

In the very rare event that you can't locate your driver, please do not leave the location where you are waiting and call promptly the phone number supplied on the reservation confirmation email.

What will happens if my flight is delayed?

Our prices include flight tracking service, meaning that your driver will monitor inbound flight and will pick-up you at actual landing time. There is no need to communicate flight delay to your driver, since the expected arrival time is already displayed on information monitors (this is the reason for which it's very important to supply correct flight details on the reservation module).

Transfer service features

Will I share the vehicle with other passengers?

Our service is private and not shared with any unknown passengers. Currently, we do not offer shared transfers.

Do you provide direct transfer to my actual destination address or just to city center?

Taxi Airport Pick-up provides door-to-door service from and to any address. In case of special events, road closures or limitations imposed by local authorities, the pick-up or dropoff locations will be as close as possible to the requested address.

Will be possible to stop for a toilet on long trips?

On long trips, a courtesy brief stop to stretch the legs or use the toilets will be included at no additional fare.

Do you provide child safety seats and boosters?

Child safety seats are provided accordingly to laws in each country (in most countries they are provided even if professional drivers are extempted). On vehicles classified as "bus" (therefore any vehicle capable of carrying more than 8 passengers), boosters and safety seats are usually not supplied, because actually useless and not required by the laws.